Friday, January 14, 2011

Low Expectations

I was in the middle of Target today shopping for a vacuum cleaner when my phone rang.  I pulled out my phone and saw that it was an "unknown" caller.  After a strange prank call a few months ago I started to let it go to voice mail but against my better judgment answered anyway. 

Me:  Hello

Rehm: Hi Mom (said with as much enthusiasm as if he were reading the phone book)

Me:  What's going on buddy?

Rehm: Well, I forgot to bring my board game today.  You can bring either one you want to. (Today the fourth graders were having a learning celebration where they got to do fun activities in the afternoon.  One of their choices was to bring and play board games.  Rehm had promised his friend Garrett that he would bring Life.  I had recommended a game with fewer pieces as I know how well Rehm keeps up with stuff)

Me:  There's a couple of problems, Rehm. First, I'm not at home and second, I don't bring forgotten things.

Rehm: Oh yeah, I forgot that.

Me:  So what's it worth to you for me to bringing?

Rehm:  I'on know? Five bucks! (He said "I don't know" but the way he says it sounds like "I'on know")

Me:  I wasn't talking money, I was thinking extra chores.  Maybe picking up toys that aren't yours or vacuuming or dusting. 

Rehm:  I'd be willing to pick up toys and dust.

Me:  So you are willing to do two extra chores that I chose?

Rehm:  Yes.

Me:  What time do you need the game by?

Rehm: 12:40

Me: OK, it will be in the office by 12:40

I took the game to the office.  Rehm's class was at recess.  On my way back to the car I hear "Yes! You really did bring it!"  Rehm had seen us leaving and come over to say "hi."

Me:  Um, Rehm, do you know your shirt is on backwards?

Rehm: Yeah, I told Garrett I'd leave it that way until you brought Life! (While saying this he throws his jacket on the ground and turns his shirt back around the right way.) Now he'll know it's here!

Me:  It is in the office with your name on it!

Rehm: OK!

Me:  So Rehm, you know your mom really rocks, right!

Rehm:  Yeah Mom, you really do!

It is nice to sometimes get to surprise my kids by doing something I won't normally do.  And it didn't hurt to get a few extra chores taken care of for my time.  Now to actually get him to do them...


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Jenn said...

I forgot to add that Rehm came in the room while I was writing this post and wanted to know what I was doing. I told him what I was writing about and told him he could read it before I posted it and comment if he wanted to. He agreed that it was an accurate description and didn't want to comment.