Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have a bunch more pictures of Charlotte than anyone.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised as she was the child that loved sledding the MOST.  I hate I don't have pictures of any of the adults except Michael.

It was funny to try to cobble together appropriate clothing for everyone to wear.  Mom and I did got get everyone a pair of gloves before the snow hit.  My sister and cousin found snow boots for three of the kids.  Rehm had a pair of my dad's old high tops.  I think all six of us had on pretty much every piece of clothing we brought with us.

All three of the girls had on tights, leggings, and jeans topped with two shirts, a fleece jacket and their big jacket.  This was more about trying to keep them dry than warm.  Rehm had on at least two pairs of pants.  He complained about it when getting dressed but I didn't hear a single complaint once getting outside.  I had on two pairs of paints and rubber boots.  But it was nice to end the day with dry feet. 

I'm so glad Charlotte decided to go sledding.  She was a bit nervous about doing such a physical activity after having to go get glued the night before.  We assured her it would be fine and she wouldn't re-injure herself.  Finally, we told her to at least go and if after going down the hill once she still wanted to go home and take it easy would would take her.  After going down the hill once she had completely forgotten her head.

Ruby and Eliza Claire enjoyed sledding but got cold and done first.  By  the time we left they were hungry, cold, wet and DONE.

It was one of the best days of sledding I've ever had.  It was so much fun to share such a special day with my family.  And it was so much fun to end the day sledding with my MOM!  It only took 37 years to see it but it was worth the wait. Hate we don't have photographic proof.

I've got so many pictures the rest will come in additional posts.

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