Friday, January 21, 2011

Why Do I Blog?

I seriously asked myself this question today when I was blogging yet again about vacuum cleaners.  It's not like anyone cares a thing about what kind of vacuum I have, or why I'm in the market for one or anything else.  So why do I feel the need to write about this trivial stuff and then share it with the rest of the world?  The more I ponder this the more I realize I have no clue. 

I do know that part of the reason I blog is to preserve the family history.  This is my version of a baby book.  I do have the blog printed as a book every year.  OK, I'm a couple of years behind on this but catching up is on my to do list.  There are definitely a lot of things that when I go back and read them I totally don't remember them but am so glad I recorded them for posterity.  I found Rehm reading the blog book from 2008 recently and he loved it.  He kept telling me how funny it was. 

Another part of why a blog is for sanity.  When the kids are really crazy or something ridiculous happens I start thinking about how I'll write the post about it and it usually helps improve my mood and outlook on the situation because I know in hindsight it will be comical instead of annoying, frustrating or infuriating. 

But then there is the really random stuff that the kids are not going to care about 20 years from now and really isn't important now and I wonder why I bother.  And I really don't know.  And then I start wondering why I have a public blog.  Why not have a private one or not share it with anyone.  What is the point?  Especially when we are in a day and age where privacy is a real issue and where my children are getting old enough to care about what I share on the blog.  I just don't know.  But every time I think about making the blog private I always hesitate but I'm really not sure why. It's not like I'm making money off of blogging.  It really is just my hobby.

So if you are a blogger, why do you blog? And if you are a reader of Mayhem Mania, why do you read? 



Phyllis said...

I read to stay connected. Prior to the blog, I had no clue what the kids would look like when I got to see them.

I think as women, we need some kind of creative outlet, and this is yours. Keep it up.

organizedfairy said...
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organizedfairy said...

You blog because you are a writer and always have been. I have been thinking about blogging lately (that's why the organized fairy post popped up but then I realized you wouldn't know who that was so I deleted it, then I felt bad about deleting and knew you would wonder about the comment and I could go on...but I haven't started my blog)


Wencked said...

Why do I blog? hmm good question. Probably for the same reasons, a digital scrapbook. I also have family that live 3 or more hours away and blogging is a great way for that family to "watch" my boys grow up. I recently published the first year of my blog via blog2print. When the hubs and I flipped thru it, we realized how many little things we forgot about.

Why I read Mayhem Mania? It all started with Grandma Helene (who I worked with for 11 years, I have since changed jobs). She would tell us these cute stories about her cute grandkids and would direct us to your blog. I really enjoy your blog because I relate to a lot of what you write about being a mom.