Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Day: The Evening Edition

After a fun day of opening presents and building snowmen it was time to go to my cousin's house for our large family celebration.  Charlotte was sitting in an office chair at the kitchen table waiting patiently for us to get everything together to leave.  The chair rolled out from under her and she whacked her head on the edge of the table.

I was not in the room.  When I got in the room my dad was holding her and my sister had a towel on her head.  I could not get to her and that was not OK.  Michael says I went a bit "mama bear." All I remember is saying loudly, "Give me my girl!" multiple times until someone finally put her in my arms.  Once I had my girl I was OK.  I could deal at that point but I needed my hands on my girl.

We decided that the cut was deep enough that it needed to be looked at.  Of course it was Christmas day and snowing.  Our only option was to take her to the Emergency Room.  She was not happy with that plan.  But once she calmed down she came around to it.  She did not want anyone near her but her Mom and Dad.  And didn't want to let anyone see her head.

In the waiting room
Waiting to be glued
 We really weren't at the hospital long.  The doctor decided it only needed gluing.  So a quick swipe of the glue and we were on our way. All told we left my parents at 5ish and were back at the party by 7:30ish.

We even made it back in time for present opening at the family gathering.

By the next day Charlotte had mostly forgotten the excitement of the day before.  I'm sure the eight inches of snow and sledding had a bit to do with that.
The next morning showing off her glue

My poor Charlotte is always the one that gets hurt or sick on holidays and misses out on some of the fun. 

Her glue finally came off on January 9.  Over two weeks after it was applied.  She definitely has a scar but I think with time it will be very hard to see.


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