Friday, January 21, 2011

Cooking Helpers

Ruby and Eliza Claire are at the age where they love to help in the kitchen.  I always try to encourage their interest and find something they can help with.  Tonight I mixed up a batch of bread dough.  Lentil Curry Bread dough to be exact.  Both Ruby and Eliza Claire wanted to help.  But what they really wanted was to like the beater of the mixer.  One ended up with the paddle from the mixer and the other ended up with the spatula.  Ruby called hers a popsicle and Eliza Claire called hers a lollipop! I thought these were funny names for their respective utensils and loved that they compared eating lentil bread dough to eating a dessert/candy. 

I hope my kids develop my love for cooking and continue to enjoy trying new and unusual things.  And I hope in a few years to be able to pass some of the cooking on to them.

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