Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas Past

Who remembers these?

These ornaments were made when I was a child. Apparently, when I was four given the date on one of them. Several of the cousins got together and did shrinky dink ornaments. We traced pictures from coloring books to do them. The Rudolph was my creation and the other two were done by my sister. I still put them on my tree every year. They still bring back fond memories of my childhood even if they aren't the most glamorous decorations.

Aunt Sherri, I guess if you want yours back you can have them. Not sure how I ended up with yours in the first place.
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Jill said...

Oh my gosh, do you remember when we did those SDs in the dorm oven of Avery? I wonder what ever happened to those. I think they were Disney.

Jenn said...

I had them forever but finally threw them out a few years ago which is a shame as Charlotte would love them now. They were Little Mermaid and you gave them to me for Christmas maybe????

Sherri said...

Wow, how cool. I forgot all about those. I would love to have mine. That was so much fun. Zander got some when he was little and I think that would be fun to do now. Thanks for the memories.

Brenna and Molly said...

I don't have any Shrinky Dink ornamenst but I do remember churning them out by the dozen. What I do have are some Makit & Bakit suncatcher ones though. Did you have those?