Monday, December 08, 2008

Does this Make Me a Bad Mother or a Lazy Mother or just Normal?

I have Ruby in big girl panties and Eliza Claire in a diaper. Ruby has been very into dressing and undressing herself for the last few weeks. I know she is ready. But I wasn't ready to deal with potty training times two. So instead of continuing to put it off I decided today to focus on just Ruby and the potty. I expected Eliza Claire to insist on doing it to but so far she hasn't even asked to go potty even when I'm helping Ruby go.

Ruby spent the morning in "Princess Pants," our name for pull ups. She kept them dry even on an outing. She pooped in them before nap time but OK, I can live with that. After naptime she asked for panties. I told her she could wear them but if she got them wet she was going back to Princess Pants. I also told her that I would by her Elmo panties as soon as she has a completely dry day (not including naptime). So far so good. I can do this! I. Can. Do. This.

Now just pray that Eliza Claire is happy in "Doggy Diapers," our name for diapers since they have dogs on them, until Ruby gets this down. Don't get me wrong I'm not underestimating Eliza Claire. I know she could do this too. I'm just not sure I can. And if she asks to go or wear panties I will let her.

Lazy/Bad/Normal? Jenn


Meredith said...

Um, no this does not make you a bad mom. In my humble opinion it makes you quite the opposite.

You are allowing Ruby to make the choice and have some say in this whole potty training journey. I think you are very smart to take advantage of the opportunity while Ruby is wanting to do it. Then Eliza Claire will do it when she's ready.

So you're being a good mommy, as usual.

Cici said...

Does not make you a bad mommy, but at some point, one of them will try to tell you otherwise.

Brenna and Molly said...

My neighbor is training her twins separately too. One is much more "ready" than the other. After all, twins or not they are still totally individual kids. It's not like you trained Rehm and Charlotte at the exact same ages either, right?

stace-c said...

Personally, I don't think it makes you a bad or lazy mom. In a somewhat related move, I waited to train Cody until well after the twins were born, even though he started showing signs of readiness during my 6th month of pregnancy. I knew that potty training would not be a positive experience for him if we did it during that time. When we finally got to it, it took about 3 days and was completely painless. So, I'm really glad I waited. I think you'll be glad you did, too. A sane mommy is a better mommy!