Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Worst Chirstmas EVER!

Rehm checking out what Santa brought

Playing with his alien maker -very cool he loved it

Well for most of the family it was a great Christmas, but not for Rehm. Poor guy had one of those days where nothing went like it was supposed to. Santa brought him three games for his Nintendo DS. He was thrilled. He went to get his DS so he could play them and it needed to be charged and he couldn't find his charger! We looked and looked and never found it! No stores were open that would have a charger so we couldn't even go purchase a new one - he just couldn't play these three great new games. It was bad!

Then he got out his new airbrush painter and the markers were dried up and it wouldn't spray. It said it will use any super tipped marker. We tried some other markers that look to be the same size but they would not insert far enough into the sprayer to work! Poor guy - this wasn't looking good.

He went upstairs to try out his new desk (actually an old desk mine and my mother's before me that we repainted for him) and there was no chair - we had forgotten to get it down from the attic! And the switch on his brand new desk lamp is broken and the lamp can't be turned on!

Rehm got a bit whiny and put out to start with but quickly changed his attitude and had a good day. I was very proud of his behavior. He never pitched a fit or even shed a tear. He did great and was a real trooper.

We will be braving the shopping crowds tomorrow to find a DS charger and to replace/return his airbrush toy and his desk lamp. And yes, we will also be getting his chair out of the attic.

It has to be really difficult when your little sister keeps delcaring this the best Christmas EVER and your Christmas is definitely NOT!

Merry Christmas - Hope you had a Charlotte Christmas and not a Rehm Christmas!


stace-c said...

Glad to know he likes the alien maker. I got one of those for my 6 year old nephew so hopefully it's a hit with him too! Happy charger shopping ;)

Brenna and Molly said...

Glad to hear everyone kept good spirits. Merry Christmas to all of you!