Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eliza Claire Quotables

Eliza Claire is a very funny girl. She talks non-stop. OK, I know many of you are thinking she is not the one you usually see talking. That is because she is shy, but at home the girl talks all the time. Once she is comfortable with you she will talk your ear off - I guess she is a lot like her mother.

She says some of the funniest things. One of my favorites is when she is getting dressed. Every time her head pops out of the top of her shirt she exclaims, "Here me is!" It melts my heart every single time. It is just the cutest two year old expression. It ranks right up there with "Mommy, hold you!" when ever she wants me to carry her.

Then there are the times her talking is not so much fun. Like at 2 am when she starts yelling, "MOMMY! I need my wubbie!" over and over and over. If she had her own room I'd just let her yell. But since she doesn't I usually go to find the blasted luvie. Then you get the even more dreaded, "Where my udder wubbie?" Yes, she has two wonderful luvies. One was supposed to be the back up luvie but somewhere along the lines she started sleeping with both. She will not let you leave her room until you have found both wubbies! It doesn't matter that it is dark or that her sister is trying to sleep or that her mother would like to be asleep she is going to ask for "my udder wubbie" until it is clutched in her fat little hand. Did I mention that she is also a very stubborn child? I can't imagine where she got that trait!

Oh, and if Michael and I play monitor chicken - you know both of us pretend we don't hear the monitor and are still sleeping until the other one gets up - and I win when she has called for Mommy, guess what happens. Yep, Michael goes in and she yells at him, "No! I want my Mommy!" And guess who has to go find the blasted udder wubbie? Yep you guessed it.

We have been talking to her about waking us in the night and telling her she needs to find her own paci and luvie and not wake anyone up. It seems to be helping a bit. So the other night at bed time I was walking out of the door and Eliza Claire wasn't quite ready for me to leave. She dropped her luvie on the floor and insisted that I needed to pick it up. I had had enough of the bed time stalling and the toddler demands. I looked at her and said "Eliza Claire, you pick up your own luvie! If I pick it up I am taking it with me!" She didn't ask me again and I could hear Michael laughing in the next room. I guess that is what I need to tell her during the night too, huh?

Gotta love her!

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