Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Don't Know, Should of Been Here by Now!

I took the time today to change all the CDs in the van to Christmas music. Charlotte specifically requested the Veggie Tales: A Very Veggie Christmas and the Cedarmont Kids: A Christmas Story from the animals perspective. Others we included were Go Fish Snow and two more Cedarmont kids Christmas CDs. We listened to the animal one first and then Veggie Tales.

I had forgotten how much I love the CDs. We had a lot of fun listening to them. After a couple of songs of Veggie Tales Bob asks Larry where someone is and Larry replied, "Don't know, should of been here by now!" I started laughing because it reminded me that last year Rehm and Charlotte thought this was the funniest thing ever and it got to the point that any time anyone said "I don't know" the rest of the family would pipe up with "should of been here by now!" This continued well into the spring and made me chuckle every time I heard it. Charlotte will still remember occassionally even in the summer.

This silly little thing just reminded me of the silly traditions families develop that become part of their family identity. I wonder who will start the "should of been her by nows" this year and what new Christmas traditions will be established.

Oh and we have a new family dinner tradition. As soon as the last person prays (usually 2 or more children want to pray at dinner) it is a race to see who can be the first one to say "Bon apetit!" Again just a silly little Mayhem Mania family tradition.

Hopefully my kids will remember these things fondlywhen they grow up.

So what kind of fun family traditions does your family have? Leave a comment and share them - I might get some good ideas.



Cici said...

Can't believe the kids have short sleeves and crocs! Sunday was 41 and rainy...not a lot warmer Mon and today.

Jenn said...

No that picture is from late August. It was the only one I could find with them in their Bob and Larry shirts. Ruby's is now too small to wear so I couldn't take a new picture.

Brenna and Molly said...

My girls have picked up on something one of their younger cousins says. Jack can't pronounce everything exactly right so one day when he announced that his mother should be mother of the year, it came out "muzzer of the rear." Now we use that to describe moments of bad parenting. If I do something they don't like they call me muzzer of the rear and we all wind up laughing. :)

Wencked said...

Since it is the holiday season, here is one of my Christmas traditions.

As a kid one of my favorite books growing up with Santa Mouse and Santa Mouse Where are you?


In years past I have given this book for many children and now I have the joy of sharing it with my own kids.

Also, one of my favorite silly Christmas songs is "I want a Hippopatmus for Christmas". I have been teaching it to Christian and he has started requesting it at bed time.