Friday, December 26, 2008


I hate it. I truly hate it. Anytime I have a "big" decision to make I research and research and end up with too much knowledge and can't make a decision. Not only does the drive me crazy and stress me out, but poor Michael has to live with me while I agonize over whatever the current decision is. What is causing all my angst? Right now it is purchasing a new digital camera.

I dropped mine on Christmas Eve. The event was nothing spectacular. I was holding it in my hand with my hand down by my side and the kids came running by and either bumped in to me or I got distracted and dropped it. Either way it hit the laminate floor and bounced once and landed. It didn't fall hard and the surface wasn't that hard. It had definitely survived worse falls. I didn't think anything of it until I went to take a picture later and when I turned it on I got a black screen with the cryptic message "Lens error, restart camera." That is when I noticed the case had separated slightly at the seam. Uh oh!

I really liked my camera. It was a great point and shoot. It was a Cannon and just a good camera. I had had it almost two years. I'm bummed to be in the market for a new point and shoot. I was hoping at some point to add a DSLR to my collection and have one I could throw in my purse for those moments that have to be captured when we are out and about just living normal life and one for "good" pictures. But that is not to be. Now I'll be replacing the point and shoot and continuing to dream of the day when a DSLR can be a reality.

So here is where I am. Olympus makes a shock proof camera. It is made to withstand drops from five feet. It is waterproof to 10 feet, crush proof to 220 lbs and weather proof to 14 degrees. Sounds great right? So what is the problem? If I buy it I lose megapixels from what I'm currently used to and it costs a little bit more than my other option ($40 more).

My other option is a very reasonably priced Nikkon that has the same megapixels I'm used to and more optical zoom than I currently have. And the price is nice.
So do I go for more zoom or more durablity and less resolution? What to do? I can't decide and therefore can't order the blasted camera. Furthermore, about once an hour I start talking aloud about what the pros and cons are of each choice and my husband is about to pull his hair out or shoot me. It shouldn't be this hard. I went to Best Buy this morning with every intention of walking out with the Olympus (I've now found it $35 cheaper online) but started looking around and due to information overload now can not make up my mind.

My mother would tell you I have had this problem since I was a small child. And would probably proceed to tell you about finding me laying in my floor in front of the closet on school days crying my eyes out because I just couldn't decide what to wear. My dear husband would roll his eyes and tell you any time an item costs more that $100 I do this and drive him crazy. He would tell you it doesn't matter if it is a car seat, jewelry, electronics or carpet cleaners I research things to death and then due to my neurosis can't actually make a blasted choice.

I see this as a blessing and a curse. I usually mull over things long enough that I don't have buyers remorse, but I make myself and my dear husband miserable during the process.

So which one would you buy? Depending on the minute, maybe second, my answer changes. Ugh! So bets on which one I chose and how long it takes me to decide?


Jolene said...

For the record... I have had an olympus for 4 years and hate it. It has never taken a picture of a face without bad red eye... .even on the red eye reduction setting.

I just got a canon power shot for my birthday and am in love with it. As it turns out, I got last years model and cannot find another anywhere local...

I completely get where you are coming from, though. I think, as a mom, I am so used to not buying things for myself, that when I do decide to spend the money on something I want... I want to make sure it is exactly what I want, because I know I won't give myself the opportunity to buy something else for a long while.

Keri said...

I too love my Canon camera. I understand why you would want the drop proof, shock proof one, but I would hate to lose megapixels.

Jill said...

Jenn - Further proof that we have to be related. I do the exact same thing, but often for items less than $100. I need to let go!!

Now, this weekend we had four cameras going: a fuji, sony, kodak, and John's work nikon (camera on crack). Which camera took the best pictures (best color, less red eye, etc)? The Kodak won hands down. It's a kodak easyshare v1003 with only 3x optical zoom. Not sure what kodak's next version up is, but I have to say that I was impressed with what I saw with this one.

Good luck. Now what phone did you get?