Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nativites around our House

This is our Veggie Tale nativity. We love the Veggie Tales at our house and right now Ruby and Eliza Claire are very enamored with them. They ask to listen to our VT Christmas CD every time we are in the car. They were thrilled when we hung Larry on our Christmas tree and also when we unpacked the VT nativity. One day Eliza Claire and I were looking at the VT nativity and she was a little confused. She brought me one of the wise men and this is what happened from there:

Eliza Claire: Mommy, what this?

Me: That is one of the wise men that came to see Jesus after he was born.

Eliza Claire: No it not! That Larry!

Me: Well, yes, that is Larry but he is dressed up and pretending to be one of the wise men.

Eliza Claire: Where baby Jesus?

Me (pointing at the manger): Right here is baby Jesus.

Eliza Claire: Mommy, that not baby Jesus! That a carrot!

Um, I think she might have a point. That is a carrot. And apparently at two a carrot can not also be baby Jesus. That is just too big a stretch.

So it is a good thing we also have the Fisher Price Little People Nativity as well. (The current model is more elaborate than ours, oh well. Though there are some add on pieces I wouldn't mind having...) All the characters actually look like what the children think they should look like. Except, we currently have a problem. Mary is missing!

What will we ever do? How can we possibly have Christmas without Mary? What was she thinking leaving that newborn baby? At the moment we have a stand in but it just isn't the same. I've search the house and so far no Mary. Apparently being the mother of God's Son is just a bit too overwhelming at the moment. I can't imagine why she would think that. I mean I get overwhelmed by being the mother of mere mortals imagine the pressure of being the mother of Jesus! I think I might just check out for a bit too.

See, I told you I had been searching for Mary. I didn't find her in the bin of Little People, but I did find the cow that is suppose to be with the nativity. It had been hanging out at the farm and a stray sheep had been taking its place. Now if we can just find Mary all will be right with our nativity world. What do you bet she is off driving Barbie's Corvette or hiding in someones purse?

Holidays at my house are never dull.

Edited to add: Michael wanted to know why I was so obsessed with finding Mary tonight. He just shook his head when I told him it was because I needed to take pictures for the blog. At least he tolerates all my crazy blog induced habits.
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The5Jones said...

I love it, love it, love it. Too funny. I need to get my kids their own nativity. Never seen a Veggie Tales one. Might have to pick that up for next year. Hopefully they won't outgrow VT till they're 30.

Wencked said...

I think there would be a similar convesation at my house if we had the Veggie Tale nativity. Speaking of which, I really need to get on of those. We have a small set Christian gets to play with. At our house, Mary is still around, but it appears a monster truck brought the wise men.