Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Thoughts on Barbie

I spent an hour at Toys R Us today with Charlotte. She has a gift certificate from her birthday to spend. She kept trying to convince herself that each item she saw was the one she had to have. When I asked her what it was at least half the time she had no clue. I told her is she didn't know what it was or what it did she could not buy it. While she was browsing the Barbie isle I spotted this gem.

I do not like barbie and overall think Barbie is a ho! I mean what child needs this Barbie? Can we get anymore trash than this?

I know the picture is not good but I only had my camera phone as my new camera has not arrived yet . It isn't scheduled to get here until 1/9-1/15. I may have a mini-breakdown from picture taking withdrawal before it gets here.

Back to the picture, even blurry you get the point: Barbie is a Ho! For a clearer picture click here.

Michael sent me this article today about how our girls are growing up to fast. No surprise when stuff like the above Barbie is being marketed to them. I won't even get started on the Bratz line. They are forbidden in this house. Barbie just has to be checked for ho status. If she is a wholesome Barbie or a princess Barbie she is usually allowed.

While at TRU I also saw the retro barbies from the 70's. This one caught my attention as I'm sure either my sister or my cousins (Vicki and Tracy) had this Barbie. My favorite Barbies were the ones with the sunglasses on their heads and I remember this outfit. It was always a favorite of mine - I think because it was easy to get on the Barbie. I guess Barbie was a ho even back in the 70s...as the outfit is completely see through!

Oh and I convinced Charlotte that if she didn't find something she really loved she should not spend her gift card. She decided she really wanted a Diamond Castle Baribe and they were out of stock today. So we will be going back another day to shop again.

In other news Mary from the Little People Nativity has been found. She was hanging out with the stuffed animals and dolls. But now the cow is missing again. I'm assuming it went back to the farm to be part of the herd. Oh well, a nativity minus a cow isn't a big deal. A nativity minus a Mary, well that is another story...

OK, I feel better after getting that all out of my system.


DeedleMe said...

Oh, the hours we spent playing Barbies!!! I can't remember who had that Barbie... I think all of ours starting blending together.... to be little again, and only concerned about which wholesome Barbie to purchase. Except then, we just got what we were given.... no gift cards to pick it out! Glad everyone had a good Christmas! Love

Brenna and Molly said...

Molly has zero interest in Barbies (she likes Littlest Pet Shop) and Brenna flits with them occasionally. She prefers Polly Pockets though so we sent all the Barbies to live with my folks in Boston. That way they have something "new" to play with when we're there and I don't have to look at them year-round. My biggest beef with the Barbies is that they are so bloody hard to dress that my kids wind up frustrated.

friendsmiling said...

Remember the ones with the zipper? I only wanted to cut their hair. I did really like the big Barbie head that we could style the hair and put makeup on. She was cool.

Shelly said...

Clearly that Red Riding Hood Barbie is NOT for little kids. They have quite a collectors following now. But you are right -- ICK!

And Bratz are not allowed in my house either. Aunt Debbie gave the girls a Bratz horse and doll each. They could keep the horse (after much begging) but I pointed out exactly why I was forbidding it and all (adults) agreed with me.

Jenn said...


I realized when I saw the price tag that it was one of the collector Barbies, but had already had the initial reaction of "Barbie is such a Ho!" So that is what I wrote about. But you know even in the for kids Barbies, way too many of them are not appropriate, at least not for MY children :)

Honestly, I don't care if it is a collector item or not, if it is on the shelf with and branded with Barbie it reflects on Barbie. KWIM?