Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Knitting versus Croheting

This is the best dishrag ever. I know it isn't the prettiest but it is by far my most preferred dishrag. I've had this one a couple of years and it gets used at least once a week and still looks pretty good. My dear Mom made it. Recently I emailed her to ask her to teach me how to make them so I could have several more as this is the only one of this type I have. I have several store bought ones and crocheted ones but they are just not as good as this one. The only thing that would make this one better is if it was about 50% larger than it is. Anyway here is the email conversation that took place:

Me: When you come to my house could you teach me how to make the knitted dishrags you used to make? I have one and it is my most favorite dish rag ever. I would love to have a half a dozen or so of them. They really are the best.

Mom: I got out some needles and yarn last night and googled the pattern. Is not extremely easy. A crocheted one might be easier but I have not figured it out yet. Will put with stuff to bring.

Me: I don’t like the crocheted ones. They are too thick and don’t wring out well… I really really like the knitted one that you made.

Mom: Answers this question...I was not sure if you had meant 'KNITTED" as either crochet or knitted or if you truly meant knitted.

Me: I know the difference between crocheted and knitted, you at least taught me that. I truly mean the ones done with two pointy needles using pearl one, knit one (actually I think these are all pearl or all knit but you get my meaning).

OK I hope you are cracking up as much as I am. Mom obviously has no faith in the skills she taught me. Granted I have never done a knitting or crochet project completely on my own nor have a picked up any kind of needle in more years than I care to admit. But that doesn't mean I don't know the difference.

Here are pictures of other wonderful knitted things Cici has made for my family.

Poncho by Cici, hat Ruby is wearing was a gift from our friend Miss Lucie

2007 Eliza Claire

2007 Ruby

Charlotte 2007

2007 Ruby

2002 Rehm
This is only a sampling there are more hats, another sweater and another poncho but apparently I don't have pictures of those. And that is the tip of the iceberg because then we have all the wonderful quilts, bags, dresses and aprons she sews as well...

Now do you see why I haven't done any of my own? Why would I when all this wonderful stuff magically appears.
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Meredith said...

Ok, so sign me up for the knitting lessons! Seriously, we should have a knitting girls night. I would LOVE to learn how to knit if your mom is up to it! ;)

Those things she made are all so adorable.