Monday, May 11, 2009

A Star Is Born

Charlotte and Rehm performed in our church's children's choir performance of Nic at Night last month. It has taken me this long just to get this very simple post up. Sad but true. Mostly because I needed to download the pictures and I've been having major computer problems for the last week, but still.

The musical was very cute. It was the story or Nicodemus. They both did an excellent job and both seemed to have a great time. They performed on Saturday night and again on Wednesday afternoon. The twins were so excited to go to the "music show" or "you-si-cle." But of course kept getting squirmy and instited on going to the restroom at least three times during the hour long show.

Charlotte's choir performed a couple of songs at the beginning, one in the middle about the butterfly and sang the finale with all the choirs.

Rehm's choir had more singing and he was also in a little ensemble (yeah I have no real music terms here - I have no idea if it was an ensemble, a group, whatever). They had to go up three or four times and sing a little song with hand motions in addition to singing with the rest of their choir for other songs.

Of course, the occasion called for a special hairstyle for Charlotte. Since many of the decorations revolved around a star theme, we went with a star design in her hair. She looked darling.


PS. All pictures except the last one were taken by Beth Bishop, not me.


Cici said...

I think the top picture of Charlotte may be one of my all time favorite ones!

Meredith said...

Me too! Did you take those pictures? They are all really good, but like your mom, I LOVE the first one. So adorable!

Jenn said...

No I did not take it, Beth Bishop did. But I think I may have to get a print made of it. I love it too.