Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Sleepover

Charlotte had a sleepover planned with her friend Kennedy. Kennedy's older sister, Lael, was having a sleepover at their house. We thought it would be fun for Kennedy to have her very own sleepover and invited her to our house for the evening. Unfortunately, it ended up that Kennedy didn't come. She decided she wanted to be at her house that evening instead. Charlotte was very sad. So to help her feel better I proposed an alternate solution, a sleepover with her sisters in their room.

Rehm heard about the sleepover and he wanted to join the fun. After bath, everyone set up their sleeping spot. Then we went downstairs and had popcorn while watching The Backyardigans (one of the few shows all four children can agree to watch).

Next everyone got situated for the evening and I read them a story. We read This Way Ruby. It is a cute story about a family of ducks. There are five baby ducks named Rufus, Rory, Rosie, Rebecca and Ruby. When I read the story I always rename the ducks to be be Sam, Rehm, Charlotte, Eliza Claire and Ruby. After the first few pages, Rehm asked where I had gotten a book that had all those names in it. It was so adorable. I had to explain that I had just changed the names and tell him the real ones.

After a Bible story and prayers it was time for lights out. For the first 20 minutes, they did great. Everyone was mostly quiet. When someone would say something the other three would shush them. Then Ruby got silly. It was downhill from there. Around 9 Rehm decided to give up and go to his bed. He was tired and just wanted to sleep. At 9:30 they were still making noise so we had to officially end the sleepover and send Charlotte back to her room. She was very sad. We promised her that she could try a sleepover with her sisters again soon - hopefully next weekend.

I guess for a first attempt it was not terrible. Hopefully next time will be a success.

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