Monday, May 18, 2009

Bear and Kitty Cat

Eliza Claire and Ruby have gotten in the habit of bringing their luvies out of their rooms. I don't know how it started and I don't really like it due to the problems that ensue but haven't nipped it in the bud yet either.

Eliza Claire actually has two luvies, bear and sheep. Bear in her most favorite and goes everywhere I'll permit. Sheep is necessary at night but is definitely the second rate luvie. Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for Sheep. It must be hard to always be the one left behind. But Sheep doesn't seem to mind too much and is always right there waiting for Eliza Claire when she is needed. Even in the dark in the middle of the night Eliza Claire can tell Sheep and Bear apart. And she must have both, no matter how long you have to search in the dark for the missing on.

Ruby has one luvie, Kitty Cat. I'm not sure how she ended up with one and Eliza Claire ended up with two, but it was not intentional. We used to have a puppy dog too and all four got rotated and each girl had only one luvie at a time. Somewhere along the line Puppy Dog got lost (probably two years ago). And sometime after that Eliza Claire ended up with a second luvie in her bed. Probably becaues she was losing her luvie in her bed and waking me up to come find it and I decided that if she had two in her bed it would take her longer to lose both of them.
Kitty Cat in her swimming soup

Ruby was not happy that I was taking pictures of Kitty Cat. She wanted no part of it and didn't want Kitty Cat in them either, as evidenced by those chubby little fingers trying to grab her.

About six months ago Grandma got the girls another one of this style luvies to be the back up. His name is Extra Bear and he is a third rate citizen (even though he looks just like Bear). Nobody wants Extra Bear ever! I feel really bad for Extra Bear and the scorn he recieves. It must be really hard to never be wanted or loved.

Last week Ruby lost Kitty Cat. For about a week we could not find her anywhere. I was beginning to think she was truly lost. While she was gone Ruby made do with random other stuffed animals and dolls but at nap and bed time every day asked for Kitty Cat.

We found Kitty Cat yesterday in the corner of the play room. Ruby was so happy to see her. Surprisingly by bed time she was lost again. When I tucked Ruby in she asked me to look for her. I asked her where Kitty Cat was. She said, "downstairs, she wearin a purple swim soup!" It totally cracked me up that the blanket style luvie was wearing a swim suit. We found her again this mornin and Kitty Cat looks really good in her "swim soup."

But now Bear is lost! And we were late to school looking for her. We could not find her anywhere. I know he is in the house, but I don't know where. Eliza Claire is not going to be nearly as easy to pacify until he is located. I dread going home because I know it is not going to be pretty where Bear is not located for nap time.

I think it is time to go back to the Luvies Must Stay in you Bed rule.

Oh joy,

PS. Since writing the original, Charlotte found Bear in an Elmo purse and brought it to Eliza Claire in time for nap time. Way to go Charlotte!

PPS. At press time Extra Bear could not be located for photo op. I told you he was a third rate citizen.

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Brenna and Molly said...

Molly has an elephant. When it became clear that it was a favorite, I got my hands on 2 more and each cycled through the wash in such a way that you couldn't distinguish between them. One has been lost for several years but the other 2 are still faithful companions. Well, she knows there are 2 and 1 stays in the dresser drawer until "Ellie gets too smelly and needs a bath. Then they rotate."