Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gus and Simon

Eliza Claire's Pacis

Ruby's Pacis

Ruby and Eliza Claire went to the mall yesterday and threw away all of their pacis. Then we went to Build A Bear and made new friends for them to sleep with.

When we were throwing away the pacis there was a gentleman sitting nearby that saw us and just started cracking up. He thought the whole process was hilarious. You can judge for yourself. I videoed it so you could all share in this momentous occasion.

I had a talk with the big kids. I explained that this was not about them. I told them they were not to try to lobby for certain animals or otherwise involve themselves in this process. This was solely about their little sisters. Overall, they did a good job following those directions. I was pleasantly surprised.

Ruby picked a kitty cat with "jammas" on and Eliza Claire picked a bear with regular clothes. Both insisted on buying their new friend "big girl panties." Our new kitty is Gus Gus and our new bear is Simon.
Ruby helping stuff her kitty cat

Ruby putting kitty cat's heart in

Testing out kitty cat to make sure she is soft enough

Eliza Claire stuffing bear

Eliza Claire jumped in with both feet

Putting bear's heart in

Eliza Claire testing bear out to make sure he is soft enough

Gus Gus all decked out in her new "jammas"

Eliza Claire and Simon complete with sparkly pants and a rainbow shirt

Ruby and Eliza Claire washing Simon

Eliza Claire making sure Simon is extra clean

I realized today that they both bought the same type of animals as the luvies the already have. For some reason I find that interesting. Then I realized that Charlotte did the same thing when she gave up her paci. She had a bunny luvie and got a Bunny BAB.

Nap time is non-existent since giving up pacis. Last night they both went to sleep around 8pm, much earlier than the night before. Eliza Claire was only up twice (1:22 and 1:45). So definitely much better than the first night. I'm hoping tonight is even better.

I'm sad to say that Ruby and Eliza Claire seem to be jumping on a new, maybe not so new, naming trend I'm not really a fan of . They both made girl animals and both gave them boy names. I decided to not point this out to them as they are only two and I really didn't want to start the clothes selection process all over...


Doodle - said...

You are so CLEVER!!!!

I am so proud of those big girls!!

(I may just have to borrow this idea from you ;) )

Shelly said...

What did Ruby say at the end of the video? We are ??

That is adorable - can't believe how grown up your babies are already. Love the "tradition" of throwing away the pacis.

You are such a great mom!

Jenn said...

Shelly, she said "We are big girls!"

Brenna and Molly said...


We have had the same gender issues here. It started with our fish "Helen" who always was referred to with male pronouns. Later came Justin the bear who is a girl. I say let it slide.

Jenn said...

Anne, feel free to steal the idea. I borrowed it from someone myself. It worked so well with my now 5 yo that I pulled it back out for the girls.

stace-c said...

Woohoo! Love the video--adorable!

Keri said...

Speaking as the mom of two recovered pacifier addicts. I loved the video of the girls throwing away their pacis. Such a big grown up thing for them. And I'm sure in no time they will forget all about them.