Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Mother's Day

I guess Mother's Day really started on Saturday for me. Michael let me sleep in until 9 am! Then Charlotte made me breakfast (a cheese sandwich - my usual) and brought it to me in bed. The rest of the day was pretty normal, except I had pink eye, again, and a sinus infection and had to make a run to the doctor. Then to a baseball game for Rehm. Then home to make tortilla roll ups for a fundraiser we were attending (recipe coming soon). Then to battle my computer that isn't working well - by well I mean horribly and I'm probably going to end up having to get a new one, but I'm being optimistic or in denial and just going with "not well".

Saturday evening, Michael convinced me to stay home from the fundraiser and rest - a very good decision. He took all the children to childcare and went solo to the fundraiser. I took a much needed nap. The children did not get in bed until 10 pm! This was the second night of late bedtimes. Not good. I was up 5 or 6 times with Ruby and Eliza Claire during the night and Michael another 3 times. UGH!

Sunday was also a full day. It started with getting four very tired children ready for church and assembling all the things we needed to take with us to our various activities for the day. I also had to open all of my Mother's Day gifts - most of which were made by my wonderful children. From Charlotte, I received a card all about me, a bunny necklace, and a painted votive holder. Rehm made me some beautiful flowers out of construction paper. Ruby and Eliza Claire made me "vases" with a heart message. [Funny aside: The teachers in their class told me that they asked the children what they wanted the message to say on the heart. Most said something along the lines of "I love Mommy." Eliza Claire's response, "I eat meat!" They obviously got her to say something else, or at least forged something else from her]. From everyone I received a necklace made from a key to my grandmother's house - the full story will be a separate post sometime soon.

We went to church (I worked, Michael volunteered in Charlotte's Sunday school class and the kids all went to Sunday school). Afterward we all toured the church's new building that will open next week. It is awesome! I can not wait to move in. It is going to be so wonderful. My dear son, who was not happy with the gift he had given me, used some of his bible bucks (reward money for learning memory verses, going to worship, etc.) to buy me an orange frog.

Following church we had lunch with Michael's parents. Then it was time for Michael and Rehm to go to the Texas A&M vs. University of Texas baseball game, time for Charlotte and I to go to Ballet Austin to see Cinderella with our dear friends the Weatherbys and GramNan, and time for the twins to have a nap! Grandma and Grandpa were gracious enough to watch Ruby and Eliza Claire while we went to our various activities.

The ballet was just amazing. Everything about it was just beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed it and Charlotte seem to enjoy it too. She sat through the whole thing, which given her attention span is amazing. We forgot to warn the girls that the characters did not talk. They were a bit confused for the first several minutes until we explained that small fact. After the first act all three could not stop dancing during the intermission. It was precious. Charlotte has decided that in the fall she wants to take dance lessons again next year, shocking decision for the day, I know.

We all met back up at Hoovers (my previous review of Hoovers) for a wonderful dinner and had the added benefit of having Miss Jenni, our beloved friend, for our server. We got to talk to Hoover himself and he was even nice enough to let me snap this picture.

Charlotte wearing a mask at Hoovers - it was a gift from Miss Jenni

Rehm wearing his mask

Grandpa, Hoover, Ruby, Miss Jenni and Grandma

After dinner we came home and got everyone in bed, late again tonight. It was a truly fabulous Mother's Day. But boy am I tired now. I wonder how many times I'll be up with the girls tonight?

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