Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This morning Ruby informed me she wanted to eat breakfast in the car on the way to school. We had time to eat at home but I decided to humor her. When Eliza Claire heard the request she also wanted her breakfast in the car.

There was only one small kink in the plan, I forgot to make their breakfast. Actually I completely forgot about their breakfast. It wasn't until we were speeding down the highway halfway to school and Ruby said, "You didn't give me no breakfast" that I remembered.

I immediately felt horrible. What kind of mother fixes and eats her own breakfast and forgets to feed her two two year olds? Then of course I had to figure out how to solve the problem because I didn't need Ruby walking into her class at school and announcing that "Mommy didn't give me no breakfast!" That would have sounded great.

Luckily I was very close to a McDonald's. When I told them that was where we were going, Ruby exclaimed, "McDonald's not sleeping anymore!" Because on another day I was a bad Mommy and didn't want to take them to McDonald's and told them we couldn't go because McDonald's was sleeping. I don't think we've been back to McD's since then and every time we go past one Ruby wonders if that McD's is sleeping or not. The girls split a chicken biscuit and hashbrown - not the healthiest but at least something I knew they would eat.

Charlotte was miffed that she didn't get any special breakfast because she had already eaten. She fixed herself a granola bar and grapes while I dressed the twins. I'm sure she is going to conveniently forget to eat breakfast one day soon to see if that gets her a trip through the drive thru. I think she will be very dissappointed at the result.

Ruby did pay me back for forgetting her breakfast by pitching a 20+ minute fit at pick up time. I was late to get Charlotte and it took me 15 of those 20 minutes to talk Ruby in to putting her big girl pants back on. She cut in line waiting to use the restroom. When I made her go back to her spot in line the fit ensued. First the shoes came off, then the big girl pants, then she refused to put them back on. I tried to put them back on her but she was having none of that. And with no pants on, a dress on and pitching a fit it made it impossible to just carry her to the car because she was indecent. Thus the 15 minutes of coaxing her back into her pants.

I think I need to stash a few snacks in the car for the next time I forget to feed someone.

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Meredith said...

Ok, all I can say is I cannot believe that this has not happened to you before now! My kids get up at staggered times, and it is quite likely that I have eaten my breakfast and had my coffee before Charlie is even _awake_. There has been at least one school day where he literally didn't have any breakfast, and neither of us realized it until after I dropped him off! So know you are not alone!