Saturday, May 02, 2009


Rehm recently got a palette extender. He has a double cross bite that needs to be corrected. He did great having it put in. But now he talks a little funny and makes slurping noises every few minutes, especially when eating. Having the extender has made him eat much more slowly which is great!

Our nephew Griffin went through the palette extender process about six months ago. I am sure at least Charlotte will also get this lovely experience. The orthodontist sure scored when we walked in his office. Assuming we continue to love them as much as we do right now, they'll get our business for all four children.

Yes, I'm the crazy mom that takes pictures of her child while he is in the middle of a procedure. I'm sure everyone at the orthodontist office think I am a complete nut job. Oh wait, I am a nut job, does that mean it is OK that the ortho office thinks so? I'm not sure. Oh well, life is one big picture taking opportunity. If that makes me a nut job, so be it.


Keri said...

We have also been through the palette extender and I even managed to remember to turn the little thing every night at the same time.

Cathi_in_TX said...

Guess what? The slurping and lisp will go away after a week or two.
How long do you have to "turn the key?"

Jenn said...

He has had it 3 weeks and the slurping and lisping are better but still come and go. We have to turn it 28 times between 4/15 and 6/8 then we recheck and see where we go from there.