Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm the Mommy!

My youngest girls have started referring to me as Mommy Jennifer at least half the time, especially when they are really trying to get my attention. Why? Because they play mommy/baby games so frequently I'm never sure if they are talking to me or playing with Charlotte and calling her. At least once a day I answer the call of "Mommy!" only to be told, "No, I talking to Mommy Charlotte."

It is funny and has surprised me, but I don't like sharing the title of Mommy. I am THE Mommy in this family. The one and only Mommy! If I have to put up with all the mommy responsibilities I deserve to be the only one with privilege of this title. I do not want to be called Mommy Jennifer and I don't want to hear Charlotte called Mommy Charlotte.

This is a one Mommy household and unless she intends to start doing all the laundry, cooking, chauffeuring, boo boo kissing, fit calming, etc. and I get to start being demanding, pitch fits, make huge messes and play all day, I will be the only Mommy here!

Mommy Jennifer Mommy

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