Thursday, May 07, 2009


Yesterday, I took Charlotte to sign up for Kindergarten. In many ways I am ready for her to go to "Big School" and know she is, too. But in other ways I just can't believe it is time and am a little sad that she will be gone so many more hours during the week.

Outside the school - very excited

Not so sure anymore

Coloring a picture while we wait our turn

It is funny, I was not sad at all when Rehm signed up for "Big School" nor did I get teary when the first day rolled around. But I think that had a lot to do with the fact that I was very pregnant with twins on sign up day and had two, two month old girls for his first day of school. I was just thrilled to have one less person take care of for any portion of time. It is amazing how things have changed since then.

Rehm's First Day of School

Ruby (bottom) and Eliza Claire (top) at two months

I wonder what I'll be like when it is the twins turn?



Cici said...

Charlotte, I cannot believe that my "Sweet Pea" is all signed up for big school. Your cousin, Zander signed up today. I love your curls!

The picture of the little girls is one of the ones that I am never sure who is who. I still don't think the bottom one looks like Ruby so it confuses me every time.

Jenn said...

Michael and I just had the same conversation about the twins picture. He swears I have them backwards but...he is wrong. I promise the girl in the flowers really is Ruby.