Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cheese slicing and the Interent

Yippee! I am the proud owner of an adjustable cheese slicer! I found one online at Sur la Table and have been meaning to make a trip over to the Domain to pick one up. I have been hesitant to do so with the girls in tow as I just know it won't be a very toddler friendly store. Anyway today a friend stopped me at church and asked if I had found one yet (she read about my saga). I told her I hadn't and she reached in her purse and pulled out an adjustable cheese slicer identical to the one we had broken! I was so happy! It made my day!

Isn't the internet grand? Without it I would still be hunting for a cheese slicer? And Lori would still have an extra that she hated in her kitchen drawer taking up space. Thank you Lori, you really did make my day!

Funny thing is I carried the slicer around for about an hour and had to explain multiple times why I had a cheese slicer at church!



Cici said...

Congratulations!! Good thing that Pampered Chef did not have them, or you would now have 2. Knowing the cheese consumption in your house, that would not necessarily be a bad thing!

2 silicone spatulas are ordered.

Jenn said...

Thank you!