Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fun Saturday

I intended to stay home this morning and get some much needed organizing and cleaning done. Instead I went with Michael, the kids, and Grandma to see the dinosaurs at the Zilker Botanical Gardens. We had a great time and it was the perfect place to the first sitting for possible Christmas cards.

The twins kept saying they were going to see the alligators. Even after seeing the dinosaurs they are still calling them alligators. It doesn't matter how many times we remind them they are dinosaurs, the next time the mention the outing they are talking about alligators, again!

There were too many great pictures to chose from so here are the best (except for the ones with Christmas card potential).

After a yummy trip to Shady Grove for lunch, we came home for a nap. Except no one napped. Even though everyone was up late last night and was going to be up late again tonight. Naps did not happen. A few loads of laundry got taken care of, pictures got uploaded, baths were taken, girls' hair was styled. Then it we were off for all of our evening activities.
Charlotte's braid crown for the party

We dropped Charlotte off at her princess birthday party, ran by Michael's work to pick up a few things, went to dinner, dropped the other three at Grandma's and then Michael and I went to a friend's fortieth birthday party. It was really nice to visit with friends for a couple of hours but all too quickly it was time to retrace our steps. We picked Charlotte up from her party and then collected the rest from Grandma's. By the time everyone was in bed it was 10pm! I can only imagine the wonderful behavior we will see tomorrow from the kids. I think I should send notes of apology with them to Sunday School...

What a fun day!

PS. I had a funny thing happen at Zilker. A lady came up to me and said, "Hi Jennifer!" I knew she looked familiar but could not immediately place her. She her name was Teri and she worked with Helene! That did it! Then she said, "I saw Rehm running up the path and recognized him from your blog." This is the first time we have been recognized from our little corner of the web. It was kind of neat.

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