Tuesday, November 18, 2008


One of the many attempts at a Christmas card picture from 2007

This morning we were stopped at a traffic light and Charlotte asked what the big red and white tent was on the side of the road. I told her that it was where they would sell Christmas trees later in the month. I was thinking they were starting their set up awfully early when I realized that Thanksgiving is next week. And that means Christmas is barely a month away! Oh my! How did that happen? Halloween just happened, it can't possibly be time to think about decorating for Christmas. I still don't even have a shopping list created for the kids' gifts much less any shopping done!

[Insert small panic attack here!]

Ok, I'm blaming it on the blasted Texas weather. It doesn't feel like the holiday season so it must not be. It feels like the back to school season. It won't feel like the holidays until late January or early February!

But the funny thing is we've been listening to Christmas music in the car for a couple of weeks now! Only one CD (Go Fish, Snow). I've decided that if it is christian Christmas music I don't mind listening to it year round, because Christmas should excite me year round. If it is the secular stuff then I really don't want to hear it until after Thanksgiving. Who needs Santa all year? Not me! Jesus, yeah I need him every day, Santa not so much.

So I guess this was my wake up call to get with the program and get ready for the holidays! Ack! Now where do I start?


PS. Now is a great time to buy Go Fish music from their site. They have a deal where you pay $15 for the first CD and can order as many more of their CDs as you like for $5 each. They always have free shipping and no tax. I usually receive my orders in three to four days - yes I order enough from them to know all of this. And no, I don't get any kind of kick back for getting you to buy their music. I just really think they have great kids music.


Cici said...

Don't remember us getting all four kids (much less you with them...how did you do that?) in one picture the day we put decorations in your yard last year.

What is wrong with Ruby?

Jenn said...

Two words, Sisk Fit! Who knows what was wrong it was almost a year ago!

Wencked said...

Thanks for the GoFish shopping tip. I picked up several CD's as Christmas presents.

The5Jones said...

I remember your talking about Go Fish on Facebook a while back and put a cd on Laurie's Christmas List. Thanks for the shopping tip.