Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

This morning Rehm informs me that today is their school's Thanksgiving Feast and wanted to know who was coming to eat lunch with him. I saw this on the lunch menu at the beginning of the month but had completely forgotten when it was. Normally Michael or the grandparents join him for the feast. This year that isn't possible. So he expects me to be there. Actually, he expects to tell me about it last minute, have me change my entire morning schedule and be there. If he had told me about this even last night or some other time earlier in the week, I probably would have made plans to be there.

I'm not going. I'm trying to talk myself out of feeling guilty about it. I have lunch with him at least once a month. He and I have agreed to that being the plan. Typically the special days (Thanksgiving Feast, Grandparents Day, School Picnic) are the days that other family members have lunch with him. I think so far this year I'm the only one who has gone to have lunch with him. Special days are not part of my agreement. I'm not dropping the ball by not going. He won't be the only one who doesn't have a family member there. It really will be OK. See, I'm still trying to talk myself into not feeling guilt and I'm still losing the battle. But I'm still not going to lunch!

I'm such a bad mommy some days...

PS what do you think he will say when he finds out I'm going to Charlotte's Thanksgiving Feast on Friday? See the middle child doesn't always get shafted.


Shelly said...

Totally LOL because we had almost the same thing happen at our house yesterday. In the morning the girls started asking if I was coming for T-giving lunch. B eats at 11:20 and C at 12:20. My meeting ended 11:30 and I *ran* to the school, saw Brenna for about 5 minutes, then waited half hour to see Cameron. Didn't buy any lunch though, just sat.

Ugh, mommy guilt. Ugh.

Brenna and Molly said...

No worries ladies- I work at my kids' school and have never gone to lunch with them. I don't bail them out if they forget ice cream money or take care of any last-minute requests. And they know I can't bring in any forgotten items once we've left the house. Tough lessons but we're all becoming better planners for it!