Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Charlotte has been after me for a while to make her hair curly. We tried once with the curling iron but the iron is too big around and apparently Mommy got a little too close to her ear and head one time too many and she was done! Who knew curling someone else's hair was so much harder than doing your own. Not that I have curled my own in years!

Saturday night I decided to try to "roll" her hair so she would have curls the next morning. We did have any curlers so I had to improvise. I sectioned her hair into 12 sections. Each section I did corkscrew (two strand) braids and then wrapped into tiny buns and added a bobby pin to hold it over night. The next morning we took them down, combed lightly, sprayed heavily with hair spray and voila! Curls!

After leaving church on Sunday she told her Dad that her hair was "famous!"

We are now the proud owners of a set of sponge curlers. Thanks Grandma! Hopefully soon we will see what we can do with those. She is also asking me to buy a smaller curling iron so we can try that again as well.

I'm sure it won't be long until the other two want in on this curling action. What have I gotten myself into?
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Meredith said...

So funny! My girls always want me to straighten their hair. Tells us a little about human nature, I guess...

Cici said...

Jenn, in the "pre-roller" days at our house, we used only bobby pins to make the curls. Remind me and I will see if I remember how. As you know, I was never very big on curls.

Charlotte, you look extra beautiful!!

Cici said...

Charlotte, I just noticed the lovely necklace you have on...I really like it. Was talking about it this morning at breakfast and the day we bought it. Was wondering if you still wear it. I looks lovely with your curls!!

Brenna and Molly said...

I love it! It's a nice soft look and it really suits her.

I slept in sponge rollers to get my long banana curls every night until I was old enough to outrun my mom! I use Conair Soft Curlers (from Target) on my girls and they sleep on them fine. Brenna always needs curls for Irish Dance so I'm getting pretty good at doing them in her long straight hair.

Now I want to see Eliza Claire in curls!