Sunday, November 09, 2008

Clothing Tutorial for Daddys

My husband is too lazy to actually type this. He says it is easier if he tells me and I type. To start with I refused telling him "do it yourself." But then I decided if I wrote it I got to tell you about his laziness and that made it worth typing. And you know in the theme of allowances, my time is not free...Now on with the story

Today Michael and Charlotte were in her room cleaning up. The following conversation took place:

Michael: Charlotte what about those leggings?

Charlotte: Daddy, those are tights not leggings!

Michael: Charlotte, what is the difference?

Charlotte (while sticking her hand through to the foot): Tights have feet in them like socks, leggings are like pants only you wear them under a dress.

Michael: Charlotte, how did you get so smart?

Charlotte: Daddy, you're a daddy, I'm a girl!

Michael: Yeah but where did you learn this? Did they take all the girls aside in preschool and explain this? Did Mommy tell you?

Charlotte (pointing to both sides of her head): No, I just learned it in my head! 'Cause I've been wearing tights since I was like a baby!


Cici said...

Since Michael's "allowance" is higher that Rehm and Charlotte's...was that taken into account when computing the fee for typing?

Does he not know that little girls come programmed with this info?

friendsmiling said...

I don't even want to know what you charged him and please don't post it.