Saturday, November 29, 2008

Spa Day with a Sick Girl

Charlotte has been running a fever on and off yesterday and today. This means she couldn't go to the Christmas parade with the rest of her siblings. She was very sad about this. We decided we would have some special Mommy and Charlotte time. I suggested renting a movie and picking up lunch. She decided she wanted to play in her make up and paint her nails instead and requested sausage and pepperoni pizza for lunch. So I have a very sparkly girl who is now enjoying pizza while watching the Disney channel.

Poor girl she always seems to be the one who is sick and has to miss special gatherings and outings. Today though she doesn't seem to really mind having Mommy all to herself.

I wonder what she'll want to do next. Maybe she'll let me curl her hair with the curling iron...
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Cici said...

Tell Sweet Pea that Cici and Aunt Sherri have pretty toes and soft feet also. We had pedicures yesterday.

We also had pizza, so sounds like we have been doing the same things!

I am not sure that her temp is high enough for her to let you close to her with a curling iron.

Jenn said...

OK, I'm jealous. I need pretty toes! No one asked me to go get a pedicure...

Cici said...

Got gift certificate from Paula for birthday and did not want to go by myself, so took Sherri for part of her birthday.

When you are as old as us, I will take you to get one. You will really need it then.