Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm not ready

I realized today that I'm not ready for everyone to go back to school this week! This shocked me when I realized it. You see I always dread everyone being out of school and our routine changing. I always wonder what I'm going to do to keep everyone occupied.

Today I'm sitting here sad that the children are all going back to school this week. There are still several things I would like to do with them. I really enjoyed our slower paced week. I guess that means when Christmas break rolls around I'll be excited when school gets out now.


In other news Rehm has a new bike. It is blue and fabulous. And before you ask, he also has a new bike lock.


Today Charlotte and I went to the grocery store just the two of us. As we were leaving the house the following conversation took place:

Charlotte: Why isn't the Penguin blown up?

Me: Because it blows up at night when the other lights turn on

Charlotte: The lights need to stay on all night on Christmas

Me: Why?

Charlotte: So Santa can find our house.

Me: We won't leave the lights on all night. We turn them off when we go to bed. Don't worry though Santa knows where all the good boys and girls live whether there are lights on or not.

Charlotte: How does he know?

Me: He just does.

Charlotte: I know how he knows! God tells him!

I really liked the way she brought God into the Santa tradition and how she knows the God knows everything.


Charlotte made her first ever purchase with her allowance today. She spent forever on the toy isle at the grocery store and finally picked a My Little Pony Ponyville Pony. She counted out her money and she handed it to the cashier. I had to remind her to get her change. Then she dropped it. And finally I had to explain why she needed her receipt and what it was. She literally skipped out of the store so proud of herself. She has been getting allowance since mid September and this is her first purchase - well besides my time to do her chores she forgets...

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Cici said...

Rehm, congratulations on the bike, it is great! Glad you now have a lock. Can't wait to walk (while you ride the cool bike) to school with you soon. Guess what my question will be in the afternoon when we get back to your house? (Hint: It has something to do with the top of your head!)

Charlotte, congratulations on getting to spend some of your allowance. Can't wait to see you.

Love you both...