Monday, November 17, 2008

Little Piggies

My kids are pigs! Especially the big two. Every time I have to climb back in the third row of the van I'm appalled at what I find. There are toys and books and blankets and various food wrappers and cups all thrown on the floor or the seat. Getting walked on and sat on and just piling up. Never do they think to clean up this mess. It doesn't matter how often I ask them to bring trash and other things out of the van with them, their area is a pig sty!

Why do children not notice mess? Why do they not think to pick up after themselves? If we didn't make them clean up, bathe, brush their hair, put on clean clothes, would they ever look around and say, "wow, what a mess, I should clean up?" I don't think so . Apparently neatness is not a nature component but a nurture one.

To help solve the problem in the van, I bought them a trash can that goes between their two seats. Now they have absolutely no excuse for not cleaning up after themselves! I've informed them both that the next time I find trash back there they will be losing privileges. They think the trash can is the coolest thing ever! They love it. They are finding things they can throw away just for the thrill of using their trash can! I'm afraid the thrill will wear off way to soon for my liking.

I'm tired of living with pigs.
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Shelly said...

Not pigs, but moo cows and zebras according to their car seat. ;)

My sister has this problem also, but we don't. Must be because we don't spend as much time in the car. LOL!

friendsmiling said...

I think they have been in my car too.

Cici said...

I forgot that Zander had a chocolate mint when his Dad put him in my car Sunday and he told his Dad, I am not supposed to eat in Cici's car! I told him it was ok as he could put the rest in his mouth and just not touch anything.

Guess it makes a difference when you don't have kids "living" in your car.