Thursday, November 13, 2008


One red bike with silver words. I got a call from the school this afternoon while waiting for Rehm to come home. His bike is missing. Seems that there have been several instances where bikes are missing in the afternoon and back the next morning. I have a very sad boy who keeps telling me "I told you so!" He has been asking for a bike lock for months and we haven't felt it was necessary. Honestly I didn't want to deal with him forgetting a combination or how to unlock it or losing a key. But now it looks like we will be getting a bike lock and possibly asking Santa for a new bike.


Keri said...

Poor Rehm! I hope his bike shows up soon.

Cici said...

Rehm, I know you are sad. I hope your bike is back at school tomorrow.

Cici said...

If bike does not appear, am thinking he might need one before Christmas...along with a lock.