Monday, November 03, 2008

Kids and the Election

For several days now Rehm has been obsessing about the election and who is going to win and when we will know who the winner is. A few days ago he asked if he could stay up and watch the results. We said "NO!" Then he wanted to know if he could at least stay up and watch them call the East Coast states. We told him maybe but it still might be too late as it will take a while after polls close for them to be able to call some states. Finally, I told him that we would leave him a note in his room when we went to bed that told him the results, assuming we knew. Then we had to talk about the Election of 2000 and all the recounts of the Florida votes...

So this morning, I was in the car with the girls and Charlotte says, "Mom, you know that note you are going to leave Rehm about who wins the election? You don't need to leave me one of those because I don't care who wins!" I told her that I hoped that by the time she could vote she would have a little more opinion on the matter:)

Ah the joys of the many personalities in this house,

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Cici said...

That'd my Charlotte!