Sunday, November 16, 2008

Follow Me

At the girl's school, several of the teachers of the younger classes sing a little song when they are walking the class somewhere. The teacher walks backwards so she can see the class and make sure no one gets distracted and sings:

Follow Me,
Follow Me,
Jesus said, "Follow Me."

My girls love to play the Follow Me game where they take turns being the teacher, walking backwards and singing; but, most of the time their songs go more like this:

Follow Liza,
Follow Liza,
Follow Liza!

And then someone else has a turn until they all want a turn and get mad at each other and just start screaming. Or until whoever is walking backwards falls down, runs into something or otherwise injures themselves. It is a very cute game, most of the time. I need to get a picture and video at some point.

Why am I writing about this? Well I added a new gadget to Mayhem Mania and I want you all to try it out. On the right side of the page is a link that says, "Follow this blog." If you click on the link then your picture will show up and you will be counted as a follower. This also allows you to find updates when I post them from your dashboard in blogger. What I like about it is it lets me know who is reading, even if you aren't the type to leave a comment. And honestly I really like knowing someone is actually reading. I'm sure I would keep writing anyway but...Oh, if you needed one more reason, it looks pretty lame that I only have one follower. So please,

Follow me,
Follow me,
Won't you please, follow me?



Cici said...

Has Liza outgrown Ruby as much as it looks like she has in this picture?

Jenn said...

No they are on a slight incline that is making her look taller. They really are within a half an inch of each other.