Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Ruby didn't go to school today. She is feeling better but had not been fever free for 24 hours so she got to hang out with me.

We had several errands we needed to run after dropping Charlotte and Eliza Claire off. Ruby told me she wanted a snack. I found a baggie of cereal left over from earlier in the morning and handed it to her. Then she wanted something to drink. That is when I realized I had not brought along a cup for her. Oops. So I looked around the car and thought, "What can I giver her? I can't give her the large 32 oz cup of tea. That would make a huge mess. Now what?" I had an empty Diet Coke can sitting on the console from our drive to school so I decided I would pour her a bit of decaf tea into the soda can as it wouldn't be as big and potentially messy as the larger cup.

I looked in my rear view mirror and saw what everyone passing us was seeing. A two year old strapped into a car seat drinking a Diet Coke! Ack! No one knew she wasn't really drinking Diet Coke. No one knew it was the best cup I could find. They just saw a mom that would give a two year old a whole can of soda! Then I chuckled and thought, "well at least it isn't a beer can!"

Note to self: Next time bring a sippy cup!

Bad Mommy!

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I love it!!!