Friday, November 14, 2008

Who knew it was so hard to find a Cheese Slicer?

Our trust cheese slicer broke this week. It was just a cheap one from the grocery store but I really liked it because it was easy to adjust the thickness of the slice. I looked for a new one at the grocery store but they didn't have any adjustable ones.

Today I had several errands I needed to do and the cheese slicer was on the list. I started at Linens N Things as there were a couple of other items I needed I could get there as well. As I was walking around the store, or at least trying to, I realized I wasn't surprised they were going out of business. I despise trying to get around in that store as it is so crowed with stuff it is impossible to navigate the store with a cart! Which makes it impossible to find stuff. Which makes it impossible to buy stuff. I only found one cheese slicer. It wasn't adjustable. Of the other things I was hoping to find there they were all either too expensive or too elusive.

On to the the grocery store where I got the two items I needed with no problems. Well, unless you count both girls screaming for the last 5 minutes we were in the store. No wonder they opened a register just for me! I think they just wanted me to leave. But I couldn't leave without diapers or I would have had much bigger problems than screaming children.

I decided to go to Crate and Barrel for the cheese slicer. My in-laws have a really nice one from there so I thought it was a good place to try. I found cheese planes and cheese knives but no slicers. I was going to ask someone for assistance but after they had helped the person next to me and walked by, smiled at the girls and scurried away before I could stop them I decided they obviously didn't want me with my two children in their store. Everyone that walked in the store was greeted by the ladies behind the counter, we weren't. The people around me that were there without children were asked if they needed help, we weren't. The people leaving without children were told to "have a nice day," we weren't. I was 95% sure they did not have a cheese slicer but 100% sure they did not want my business today.

I was very saddened by this as I love Crate and Barrel. I dont' get to shop there often but it is one of my favorite home store. But today really made me not want to shop there. My girls were not screaming, they were not loud, they were not running around (they were strapped in the stroller). We were all decently groomed - OK so they had marker on their shirts but they are two. So I could see no reason they did not want to help me. Oh well. Note to self, next time shop at Crate and Barrel alone.

Next I tried the Container Store simply because it was next door. No luck! That is four stores and no cheese slicer! And by this point it was too late to go to Sam's to pick up the items I needed there. I guess it isn't a big deal that I couldn't get my block of cheese as I wouldn't have been able to slice it when I got home anyway!

So my morning was a complete a total waste and I still need a cheese slicer and to make a Sam's run.

I need to look at Target, Sir la Table and/or Williams and Sonoma (which one of these isn't like the others?). Any other suggestions?

And what's up with the traffic today? Is it a holiday and no one told me? Traffic was extremely congested even for a Friday. Oh well.

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BlueEyedMum said...

You don't need an adjustable on the new ones all you do is adjust your starting angle and you can adjust your slice size. I have both kinds and now love the none adjustable on. (You could have my adjustable one if you still need one.)