Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Putting Rehm to work

Grandma was nice enough to take Rehm's Cub Scout popcorn order form to her office for him. Several of her coworkers ordered popcorn. Rehm wrote each person a thank you note when he received the orders. Today he went to work with Grandma to deliver all of the goodies.

He is spending the whole day with her. He took his DS and some books to keep him busy and the office has a TV he can watch. I hope he has behaved himself and not drove anyone too crazy.

I received these pictures of other activities he has done today:

Helping collect recycling

Helping make copies

He informs me that he had three bagels for lunch and played games on the computer as well.

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Wencked said...

Rehm was great at the office today (I worke with Grandma). Several of us had a chat with him at lunch today about what he likes and doesn't like to eat.

He would start a new topic by saying "Let's discuss ice cream. What kind of ice cream do you like?"

We asked "Well we know your Grandma is a good cook. Do you like anything she makes?" He said she makes good cheese quesdillas.